Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori


Abdul Rahman Ibrahim ibn Sori was a West African prince who was captured and sold as a slave. He was brought to the US and lived in slavery for 40 years before he was released by a Presidential order on the request of the Sultan of Morocco.

He was born in 1762 in Guinea, was ambushed and captured at the age of 26 and brought to a cotton plantation in Mississippi. He had previous knowledge of growing cotton and due to that he rose to a position of authority in the plantation.


Why Famous

He was one of the rare slaves who worked for his freedom and was able to successfully achieve it. He accidentaly met Dr. John Fox who was an Irish surgeon and many years ago was helped by his family in Guinea. Dr. Fox pursued to have him freed but his current owner seeing the value in him did not allow him to go free. After Fox died Abdur Rahman continued to pursue his freedom and wrote letters to authorities. With one of the letters landing with the Sultan of Morocco, the request was made to President Adams who ordered for his release.

He continued to work for the release of his other children through donations but could partially succeed. He left for West Africa and died in Liberia on his way home.

He wrote two autobiographical works.