Dream of Detroit


Building Detroit back from the Ashes

Detroit, once the jewel of the American economy, has now gone through the worst. It has been through the first bankruptcy of a major US city. But as things went from bad to worse with water connections being shutoff and houses being auctioned, there were Detroiters working tirelessly to make Detroit rise again.

Detroit has also been a center of American Muslim history and culture, leaving its impact in various ways. It was very apt that in any such effort of revival there would be Muslims in Detroit participating. Dream of Detroit was formed to help revive one inner city area through community organizing and strategic housing and land development. They’ve also partnered with groups like Project HUG (Huda Urban Garden) to promote community farming. The group is focused on the vision that the rise of Detroit is not only to be driven by a thriving business and entertainment district but also supported by sustainable neighborhoods.

Community Service

As part of this work, a group of 50 Muslims, on the sidelines of ISNA in Detroit, got into a bus and got to work. They put their hands and hearts in to help pull a house back from the fringes and help plant a community garden. The garden produce is intended to be given back to the community just around the farm.

The community service effort had a two-way purpose. It helped the project but also helped the people to connect to a side of the nation often ignored.

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