Arifa Javed – The Academic & Producer

The Academic

Dr. Arifa Javed, teaches and researches Sociology at the University of Michigan in Dearborn.  She hails from an academic family and has continued the tradition.  Her recent research and work has focused on the immigrant community in the United States. She is creating an impact by entering into the field of producing documentaries around the same topic. Her first documentary ‘Essential Arrival’ has been well received and has been screened at multiple film festivals.

She herself is an immigrant from Hyderabad in India and that has helped her first hand to twine her personal experiences with her academic research. She lives with her husband and two children.

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The Producer

Her interest in personal experiences of people as part of her academic work has moved her into writing and producing documentaries. Her first work ‘Essential Arrivals’ was released recently and was well received.  It focuses on the Indian immigrants in the state of Michigan.  It was directed by Indian director Raj Baruah and has been screened at the East Lansing and Indian Cine film festivals.

She is working on the script and production of documentaries in the coming years.


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