Why the Initiative?

The reason why we have set this rolling

We are living in a world where there is immense focus on those who are on the wrong side of society with a small fringe getting an inordinate share of the spotlight and the microphone. This is in particular true of the Muslim community in the USA. The vast mainstream is unknown, or have no say in the views formed about them by their country-men and women.

Our Belief

We believe that ‘moderate Muslim’ is a misnomer. It has the underlying notion that just being Muslim has a dark connotation to it. We stand to the fact that it is about the vast Mainstream in contrast to a radical fringe. Our purpose of starting this site is to put focus on the vast Mainstream with all its diversity of views and cultures.

Meet the Team

How will we do it?

Our operating guidelines

With this initiative we aim at showcasing the Muslims of USA ‘as-is‘. We will put light on those who live the common person’s life with all its diversity in the United States.

We will follow the policy of no ‘politics’. Not because politics is not part of our dispensation, but because there is life beyond politics and also because there are better places to discuss it.

Defining ‘Muslim’

We believe that we cannot judge who is a Muslim. There is immense diversity within the Muslim community along theological and cultural lines. If someone believes they are Muslims, then we accept them as Muslims. This allows us to project the full diversity of the Muslim community without being judgmental about people’s denominational adherence.

More Details

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Cover Photo – Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC by Mohib Ahmad